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Phonak Serenity Choice

Phonak Serenity Choice

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Phonak Serenity Choice is the high-end hearing protection solution from Phonak. It cancels noise and loud sounds, lets the ear breathe and keeps relevant sound and speech.

Key Feaures:

  • Cancels noise and loud sound - Phonak Serenity Choice‚Ñ¢ cancels noise and loud sounds from 9 to 16 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating - US) or 16 to 24 SNR (Single Number Rating - EU)
  • Keeps relevant sound and speech - Phonak Serenity Choice‚Ñ¢ keeps relevant sound and speech and therefore allows situational awareness and communication
  • Lets the ear breathe - Phonak Serenity Choice‚Ñ¢ lets the ear breathe by ventilating the ear to prevent a build-up of excess moisture

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