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Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak Roger Pen

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Phonak Roger Pen is a cutting-edge wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to hear and understand more speech in loud noise and over distance.

The Roger Pen is a fully automated solution and is proven to perform better than any wireless microphone in the industry. It can be used as a standalone microphone or alongside other Roger Pens, Roger EasyPens or the Roger Clip-On Mic. It also features Bluetooth for mobile phone calling, and can also be used to listen to TV and multimedia.

NOTE: The Phonak Roger Pen has been discontinued and the replacement is the Phonak Roger Range.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with almost all hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • Discreet design, looking like an ordinary pen
  • Fully automatic directivity
  • Bluetooth functionality for mobile phones
  • TV and multimedia connectivity
  • Ability to add additional microphones


  • Roger EasyPen.
  • Charging docking station
  • Power supply with country adaptor and charging lead (Can be used for USB charging).
  • Black leatherette storage pouch.
  • Audio cable for the docking station.
  • Micro USB audio cable
  • User Guide

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