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Oticon Intent 1 miniRITE Rechargeable

Oticon Intent 1 miniRITE Rechargeable

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Hearing Aid Fitting

The Oticon Intent hearing aid is a state-of-the-art auditory device designed to provide unparalleled sound quality and user experience. It is built on Oticon's innovative 4D Sensor technology and BrainHearing™ philosophy, ensuring users can access the full sound scene in a natural and intuitive way. The Oticon Intent is available in a discreet rechargeable miniRITE R style, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and aesthetics.

Experience the immersive 360° sound environment with Oticon Intent 1 & 2, equipped with advanced sensors that intuitively grasp your listening needs. Engage in life like never before with Oticon Intent's cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology, enabling seamless high-quality streaming and hands-free calls with compatible devices.

With the world's first user-intent sensors, this hearing aid adapts to listening needs dynamically, making it a perfect companion for those seeking to improve their hearing without compromising on lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • 4D Sensor Technology: Incorporates information from head and body movement, conversation activity, and the acoustic environment to optimize the listening experience.
  • BrainHearing™ Technology: Designed to support how the brain processes sound, ensuring a more natural listening experience.
  • User-Intent Sensors: Automatically recognizes changes in listening environments and adjusts settings for optimal performance.
  • Rechargeable MiniRITE R Style: Offers a discreet, comfortable fit with easy-to-use charging options.
  • Available in 9 Colors: Allows users to choose a hearing aid that best matches their personal style.


  • All-Day Battery Life: Ensures users can rely on their hearing aids throughout the day without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Enhanced Speech Clarity: The new Sirius chip provides improved understanding of speech, even in noisy environments, making conversations more enjoyable and less taxing.
  • Seamless Adaptation to Listening Needs: The unique user-intent sensors allow the device to adapt to different listening environments automatically, providing a consistent hearing experience.
  • Empowering Full Sound Scene Access: By providing access to the full sound scene, users can stay aware and engaged in various settings, from work environments to social gatherings.

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Battery Size: Rechargeable
Tinnitus Support: Yes
Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity: Yes
Price: Pensioners discounts may apply. Contact Us
Type: BTE
Hearing loss: Slight - Profound

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