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Oticon ConnectClip

Oticon ConnectClip

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Get the sound from compatible smartphones, tablets or computers directly into both of your ears with ConnectClip. It uses Bluetooth low energy to connect your hearing aids to your electronic devices and is also a microphone for capturing your speech. This makes your hearing aids into a wireless headset with all the benefits that come with the hands-free experience.

The high-quality audio capability lets you stream music from any of your devices straight into your ears. The sound is in stereo, which gives a richer sound where you can hear more details, for a quality experience that is less strenuous to listen to.

The ConnectClip also functions as a remote microphone, which means you can give it to someone who is speaking and then hear their voice clearly and directly in your compatible hearing aids.

Key Features:

  • Hands free phone calls - enables truly hands-free phone calls and video calls from iPhone, Android and any other smartphone.
  • TV & music -Turn your hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones so you can enjoy your favourite programs at the volume you choose.
  • Remote microphone - hear what is being said at a distance or in difficult listening environments with ConnectClip's remote microphone functionality.
  • Computer - create a virtual wireless headset and chat over Skype, Lync, etc.
  • Remote control - use ConnectClip as a remote control to adjust the volume and change programs discreetly with a simple touch of a button.

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