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Oricom Cordless Handset PRO Series

Oricom Cordless Handset PRO Series

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Today's cordless phones offer something other than crystal clear, long range communication; they offer the advantage of multiple handsets. Simply place your additional handsets in key rooms around your home or office, to put an end to that 'mad dash' for the phone when you hear it ring. Add to that the mobility of the handsets which allows you to take the phone with you into the garden, shed or even when you're just lazing by the pool, and you need never miss a call again.

Key Features:

  • Up to 5 cordless handsets can share one base - Choose the optimum number of additional handsets, (from 2 – 5 depending on your telephone) to suite your home or office.
  • Free intercom calls can be made from one handset to another - Keep in touch in and around your home and office, at no charge.
  • Setup 3 way conference calls - Include a third person in your conversation, ideal for business or discussing family issues.
  • Hold and transfer calls between handsets - No need to run from one room to another if the call is for someone else. Simply put the caller on hold then transfer to another handset.
  • Requires only one telephone socket - Only one phone socket is needed for the base unit.

Amplified: Yes

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