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Noizezz Musician's Earplugs Universal

Noizezz Musician's Earplugs Universal

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The Noizezz Universal Music Medium filters are earplugs with a medium music filter. This filter is especially developed for musicians and music lovers. The music experience remains the same, but the volume is way lower. The filters ensure an excellent music experience when rehearsing, performing or at a concert. You will experience great wearing comfort due to the fantastic ergonomic shape of the earplugs. The strong filter is ideal for you if you are going to a live act in a club, music hall or at a festival and for musicians who play a wind instrument.

Key Features:

  • For live acts - Enjoy the beats without the beep. The music at a live act is often too loud. Protect your ears against this.
  • In clubs - Enjoying the music in a club without damaging your hearing.
  • For live festivals - At live festivals, the sound is often so loud that within 15 minutes you may have hearing loss. So be gentle to your ears and protect them with good hearing protection equipment.
  • Very comfortable fit in the ear.
  • Conversations remain perfectly intelligible.
  • Protect your ears against hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Invisible in the ear.
  • 4 sizes in the packaging (S, M, L and XL).

Includes: 1 pair of filters and 4 pairs of fits

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