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Bellman Maxi Pro Communication Kit

Bellman Maxi Pro Communication Kit

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The Bellman Audio Maxi Communication Kit is ideal for GP's, Hospitals, Councils and any organisation that wants to be more accesible to hard of hearing customers.  Used with headphones The Bellman Audio Maxi allows you to make it easier for customers to hear you at reception counters or smaller meeting rooms.  Note this device is suited to one to one communication or small groups of up to three or four people.

This solution works well for people who do not always wear their hearing aids or who have difficulty managing them.  If people are good users of their Hearing Aids you should consider our other solution in conjunction with this product - refer to Portable Counter Loops.

Key Features:

  • Balance – The balance between the right and left channels can be set. This can be used to compensate for a hearing loss in one ear.
  • Basic attenuation – This setting is useful for when you want to adjust the maximum volume output of the amplifier. It prevents the user from turning the amplifier up too loud.
  • Blocking the T switch – This setting can be used for those who will never use the Telecoil and want to avoid selecting this position by mistake.
  • Tone control lock – To prevent the tone control being changed by the user it is possible to lock it out so it remains set in the same position.
  • The Maxi – a pair of high sensitivity stereo headphones. Maxi headphones are specially selected to deliver optimum sound and feedback reduction. 


  • Bellman Audio Maxi Pro Amplifier
  • Headphones
  • Charging lead
  • USB charger
  • Disposable Sanitary Headphone Covers*10
  • User guide

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