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Bellman Visit Baby Cry Pager Pack

Bellman Visit Baby Cry Pager Pack

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This is the perfect solution for new parents. The Bellman Baby Cry Pager Pack includes Baby Cry Monitor, Pager and Pager charger with Bed Shaker. This system will alert you to the baby crying via a strong vibration. At night place the pager in the charger and be alerted while sleeping with the included bed shaker (under pillow)

Bellman Products include a 2 year warranty and this system is compatible with other Bellman Visit Alerting system transmitters and receivers.

During the day, the pager clips onto your belt and allows you to move around the house and still be alerted when your baby cries. At night, the pager is plugged into the charging stand beside your bed. The charger connects to the bed shaker under your pillow, which ensures you will be alerted, even when sleeping! This pack can be extended to include other units in the Bellman Visit range, including the Smoke Alarm, Telephone/Multi Purpose Transmitter and Doorbell Transmitter systems.


  • Bellman Visit Baby Cry Monitor Transmitter
  • Bellman Visit Pager
  • Bellman Pager Charging Stand
  • Bellman Visit Bedshaker


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