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Bellman Audio Mino Digital Listener

Bellman Audio Mino Digital Listener

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The Mino is a professional speech amplifier that helps you hear better in most everyday situations, whether you wear a hearing aid or just suffer the occasional hearing difficulty.

Key Features:

  • Digital signal processing - The Mino uses digital state-of-the-art signal processing to bring out speech in difficult listening situations. Mino delivers crystal-clear stereo sound, free from background noise and feedback.
  • Pocket size and super light - The Mino is as small as a modern mobile phone and weighs just 74 grams. So the Mino can be kept discreetly in your pocket without weighing you down.
  • Easy to use - The Mino is intuitive to use. All functions are accessed with the simple press of a button and there are no complicated menus to navigate.
  • Long lasting power - The Mino uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, just like a modern cellphone. So you never need to worry about buying new batteries.
  • Zoom the sound - Mino has both an omni- and a unidirectional microphone (zoom). With the zoom microphone, you can 'point' to the person talking, reducing any background noise.
  • Bring it to the movies - The Mino is equipped with a telecoil. The telecoil picks up sound in venues fitted with hearing loop systems, such as theaters, churches, and concert halls.
  • Customize your Mino - If you'd like to tailor your solution, we offer a number of accessories, ranging from practical car chargers and travel cases to advanced hearing accessories. It’s your decision.


  • Mino personal amplifier
  • Stereo Headphones/ Earphones/ Neckloop
  • Lanyard
  • Belt clip
  • User manual
  • USB Charging lead and AU power supply


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